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Sorry for posting so much today, but this is a repost from @thedreamwalkingsociety, of me tracking vocals yesterday on a couple of songs we wrote together TEN years ago now! It’s part of a project that has been in the works for a decade now and I am so so honored to be apart of it in any minuscule way, alongside so many other talented people. Can’t wait till it all comes to life and you can all hear these songs and see what this project is in it’s entirety. I myself have only seen glimpses and I’m stoked for it! (Holding my phone out reading some last minute lyric changes because frankly, 14 year old me’s lyrics just weren’t cuttin it!)
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Really app?? Are you sure a lemon is it this week? 😭😱😂😂 #14weekspregnant w/ #baby2
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#tbt to Lucy’s first Halloween…🍁🍂🌰🎃👻🌝⭐️🍁🍂🌾
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I can’t explain it. Something about this scene just made me laugh so much! 😂 maybe it’s her expression or her accent! And what she says…I have thought to myself before. #cinderella #faireygodmother #faireytaletheater #whatsrealitydoesanybodyknow
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So thankful for our life. Here’s me looking thoughtful so you can get an idea.